3pc. Amber GLASS 2 Oz Jars- Better than PET! Essential Oils Salves Spices Creams

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A set of 3 Pc. , 2 Oz. Amber-glass jars, Screw-cap lids. _______________________________________________________________________ Included:(3) Amber glass jars(3) Black lids NOTE: IF you buy a larger set, or a multiple quantity, you save money per item. Why? We mark down for bulk buying AND the shipping for additional quantities is much less! **Save me as a favorite seller if you like these types of products!!!! Returns For any problem or concern, contact us THROUGH EBAY, and we can address the problem first. We can accept a return if returns are specified in the listing AND the item is protected with padding etc when returning it. Once returned, we can refund the purchase price only, but not shipping. IF we have sent the wrong item, CONTACT US and we can arrange to send the correct item. In cases where the order was correct but the buyer changed their mind, or didn’t like product, we will sometimes exchange the item upon receiving the return, but we cannot guarantee this option. Shipping Discounts and Combined Shipping Most listings have a QUANTITY DISCOUNT, which means free or reduced shipping for a second, third, etc quantity. Click on “see all details” next to shipping price, and put in quantity; this will calculate your shipping according to your quantity. If you are buying 3 or more quantities, you can request an invoice (after you ‘buy’, before you ‘pay’) and i will see if a further discount is possible. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you feel like your experience was anything less than 5- Star, or you had any questions or problems with your order, contact us through Ebay. Give us a chance to make things ‘perfect’

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