In the early stages of A2J3PORTAL inception,

  • all is but a wish.

  • A fuzzy hype aimed to crash its way into the internet world.

  • A blind idea with pressing urgency of its need and existence in real time.

A lot of ideas were randomly infused to mold its purpose and directions.

The Brain of A2J3PORTAL have gone through deep soul searching on what could be a fitting idea. Deep enough to have gone through a seemingly procrastinated and slumbered attitude with purpose of exploring and investing on various means and forms of approaches and combination of information that will relevantly adapts it.

There were great and successful mentors, investors, entrepreneurs, business coaches, close friends and relatives whom the Brain met on this journey. Who provided opportunities and encouragements and support en route to Brain’s success eventually.

However, a choice was made to realign with them later on. Focusing more efforts on establishing A2J3PORTAL.

Admittedly, this journey has taken so long now, that something has to be done.

There were great

  • Ideas

  • Solutions

  • Of-the-Shoulder, By-the-hand, Out-of-the-box



    Digital Products

  • Quick Schemes

that were encountered aimed to catapult A2J3PORTAL’s inception.

The Brain in some instances tried to engage some of the above as a head start for A2J3PORTAL though proceeding 100% full scale was not an option considering the limitations confronted at that time.

Alternative schemes with potential results were likewise set aside for the meantime  as a matter of choice noting whatever experiences learned from it.

Needless to say, many went down the drain experiencing loss of time, effort and resources in the process.

All of the above were conservatively gathered and evaluated and painstakingly experienced.

All of the above events transpired… for the sake of … starting up an investment and a new beginning.

On the brighter side, there are a handful select of schemes, digital products, methods and eGuides that showed potential results in utilizing them in combination in the pursuit of molding what A2J3PORTAL is being introduced now.

A2J3PORTAL is a young online presence.

It will thrive to do business with you.

It will evolve in time through out its existence.

Who is ” The Brain . . . “

  • A start-up Entrepreneur
  • Was professionally employed
  • Was employed for the last 20 years and more with variety of work skills
    and experiences
  • An industrious and seasoned Computer Programmer in his own right
  • A degree holder on its education background
  • A family man

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