Balkans Travel Guide: Your essential guide book for travelling in the Balkans

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Travelling in the Balkans can be an entirely different experience to travelling elsewhere on the European continent. Not only is the region both geographically and ethnically diverse, it can prove more challenging to travel outside of the EU and Schengen area.

These issues aside, the Balkans remain one of the last regions in Europe to be untouched by mass tourism. It won’t stay this way for long, however, and now is the time to travel in the Balkans!

Our Balkans Travel Guide includes:

How To Budget – Learn exactly how much each part of your Balkans trip will cost. We break down the cost of accommodation, transportation, food, activities and entertainment to help you determine an appropriate daily budget.

How to Plan An Itinerary – Understand key things to consider when planning a Balkan itinerary and what makes travelling in the Balkans unique.

Sample Itineraries – A range of sample itineraries that can be used for different trip lengths and interests.

A Guide to Balkan Cuisine – The best local dishes to eat when you travel through the Balkans and everything you need to know about rakija – the Balkans national drink.

Essential Country Specific Information – Extensive guides to each country in the Balkans including top destinations, things to do, our favourite local restaurants and accommodation picks. We cover Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro and Serbia.

Travel Tips – Important tips to have you prepared for visiting this incredible part of Europe

We have spent several months travelling through the Balkans and have created this ebook to share all of our first-hand knowledge about travelling in this undiscovered corner of Europe.

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