Besplore 11 In 1 Survival Bracelet,Outdoor Emergency SOS Survive Tool,Hiking Gear Travelling Camping Gear Kit,Black

MULTIFUNCTIONAL SURVIVAL KIT-Which are Parachute Rope,SOS LED Light,Compass,Thermometer,Knife,Whistle,Screwdriver,Wrench,Fire Starter,Bottle Opener,Saw Tooth,ect.Best Outdoor Survival Gear for Camping and Hiking.

SOS LED Light-It’S key to rescue and recovery in the darkness.The LED light can flash or just stay on,illuminating your way to safety or rescue.It’s battery on above these models last for more than 70Hrs.We can find that LED light within 10 meter diameter in darkness.

Magnesium rod and stainless steel knife. Flammable spark.Knife can be removed for easy operation.Zigzag shape,sharp,used for cutting ropes or lighter.Rust resistance.You can swim and shower with it.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL-adjustable size bracelet:Just wear it,close the buckle,and firmly secure after wearing.It will fit any wrist size,from kids to men and women.

The seven core umbrella rope is so Strong and Secured to Take Load Up to 330LB,it is the best choice for hiking,hunting,camping,fishing enthusiast or simply anyone who likes going in the outdoors and be prepared.

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