My Peaceful Paws (5ml/.169oz)

2018-06-23T10:55:50+00:00June 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on My Peaceful Paws (5ml/.169oz)

Topical blend for dogs, supporting your dog in feeling calm. For separation anxiety, fear of storms, fireworks, performance nerves and stress in daily life

Use for training situations for dogs having trouble learning due to excitement. Helps the dog focus.

Used by groomers to help anxious dogs coming in for grooming.

100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Do not use on cats or diffuse in households with cats. Drip blend in your hand, apply to dog’s neck/chest and/or paw pads. Can also be dripped on bedding, on a cotton collar, or Thundershirt for added effect. Avoid the dog’s face, eyes, and nose.

When first using the blend, hold bottle vertical and allow any air trapped in the dripper insert to release in order for the blend to drip more easily. It takes a brief moment.

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