Web Site Graphics – Are They Really Needed?

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Graphics for that new marketer could be a real challenge, so a lot of them pick the easy use of using no graphics on the internet sites. Then, they see that, although they have great copy, their conversions are not the things they expected. Why does this happen?

Studies have shown that nearly half people consists of “visual people”. For these “viewers” the old saying a photo says one thousand words hits the nail on the head. So, on their behalf a website with no graphics is boring and uninviting. They cannot visualize words. They need graphics. So maybe you have just lost half the folks interested in your product or service as you have no graphics on your own website.

That said, no graphics might be superior to poor graphics because poor graphics may give the reader the impression of an inferior product. So, with poor graphics you may have lost more people interested in your product or service.

Videos alternatively can be a great marketing strategy, however, if they are bad quality and they are slow to load, your reader can be quite frustrated and weary in your products.

Remember that everyone has high-speed internet access, right now, so just putting a slow loading video on a website web page with just a buy button can in fact turn away individuals who really would like and need your products or services.

In conclusion, all marketers must identify their target market and create a balance between sales copy, graphics and videos to fit that market and their particular product.

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